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Ceragen NAD + Enhancer

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Per Vitam Ceragen - Cognitive Enhancer


Backed by ample clinical data, Ceragen™ works to improve memory, learning, and general cognitive function. It also supports cellular health in the brain and protects against the axonal degeneration associated with aging.

Ceragen™ may also improve muscle endurance, promote healthy cell metabolism, enhance thermogenesis, increase NAD+ levels in cells and tissues, and support healthy skin.

Niagen®, a primary compound found in Ceragen™, promotes mitochondrial function, which is important to longevity and cell health. Niagen® also provides a beneficial effect on blood lipids by supporting healthy cholesterol levels.


Niagen®, also called nicotinamide riboside (NR), is a naturally occurring pyridine-nucleoside form of vitamin B3. It acts as a precursor to NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. In the body, Niagen® is converted into NAD+.

Here's why this is important...

NAD+ is found in every cell of the human body. It is an essential coenzyme that allows cellular mitochondria to function properly. NAD+ also allows the food that we eat to be converted into energy.

With age, our levels of NAD+ decrease. This results in mitochondria dysfunction and a reduction in cellular energy. Mitochondria dysfunction not only expedites the aging process, but also is a driving mechanism behind many diseases.

NAD+/niacin deficiency has also been tied to proper telomere health and length. Telomeres reside at the end of each chromosome. Telomere degradation, or shortening, is also a major contributor to the aging process.


Cera-Q is a hot, new, and dynamic natural extract that works to enhance memory and improve cognitive function. Used in traditional Korean medicine, Cera-Q is a protein hydrolysate ingredient that is obtained from a silk fibroin found in silkworm cocoons.

As we age, a deleterious substance builds up in the brain. It is known as beta-amyloid plaque. This plaque build-up contributes to a host of debilitating cognitive issues and diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer's disease is currently the most destructive and prevalent neurodegenerative brain disease. It is estimated that at least 5.1 million Americans alone suffer from this devastating brain condition.

Korean medicine has been using silk fibroins for longevity and health for centuries.

Cera-Q is also able to increase glucose uptake into the brain. This is important, because Cera Q is able to provide support and energy, assisting the human brain with all levels of cognitive tasks.



The proteins found in Cera-Q (silk fibroin extract) are comprised of 75% glycine and alanine. These two amino acids are extremely useful in the battle against beta-amyloid plaque. Glycine and alanine work to bind with beta-amyloid plaque, impeding its buildup.

Beta-amyloid plaque attacks and corrupts neuron membrane receptors, and impedes communication between brain cells. It also leads to inflammation throughout the entire body. Current research hints at the likelihood that beta-amyloid plaque buildup is responsible for conditions such as Alzheimer's disease.

Cera-Q Studies

Cera-Q Bioavailability

Aging causes beta amyloid plaque to form around our neurons and degrades neuron performance and cognitive function.
Cera-Q utilizes a unique pleated sheet amino acid structure that binds to the beta amyloid plaque.
Cera-Q increases glucose uptake to the brain to improve brain function in people of all ages.


FOR MORE INFORMATION ON NIAGEN GO HERE: Nicotinamide Riboside - Niagen

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